Pr. of Criminology (Université Laval à Québec – Canada)

Catherine Rossi has been a professor and researcher for the criminology programme at the Université Laval in Quebec (Canada), the School of Social Services, since June 2012. She holds a doctorate degree in private law from the Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (France) and a Ph.D in criminology from the University of Montreal (Canada).

She teaches penal and criminal law, evidence law, victimology as well as mediation and restorative justice at the Université Laval of Quebec; she is a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre on Intrafamily Violence and Violence against Women (Cri-ViFF) of Quebec and the International Centre of Comparative Criminology (Centre International de Criminologie Comparée, CICC in French) of Montreal.She supervises (or collaborates to) numerous, subsidized researches, focusing on the evaluation of penal mediation, juvenile law or specific kinds of victimization such as the exploitation of the elderly.Among other things she authored a book called “Homicide, the relatives of the victims” published in 2013. She sits on numerous working committees on the development or evaluation of alternative or restorative practices in the area of penal law mainly.

She is very much involved in associations as well as in the community, she has been sitting on the Board of Directors of the Centre for Restorative Justice Services since 2001 and she has been the Chair of the Rape-Aid organization (Viol-Secours in French), of the Centres for Aiding and Fighting against Sexual Assault in the city of Quebec since 2014.

Until 2012 she was a lecturer and research assistant at the University of Montreal where she mainly taught the areas of victimology and criminal violence.  She was also involved in numerous associations and networks like the Quebec Victims Advocacy Association or the Group of Alternative Justice Organizations of Quebec, as an employee, a collaborator, a consultant or a trainer.  She has been the vice-president of the French Institute for Restorative Justice since it was created in 2013 in Pau.

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