“Justice-Human rights” Consultant

Jean-Charles Paras worked as a criminal lawyer, and was a member of the Pau Bar for over 20 years.

As of 2000 he has simultaneously held several positions of project manager for Penal Reform International (PRI) as well as Lawyers without Borders (Avocats Sans Frontières; ASF) in Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (RDC in French), as well as in Nepal.He was particularly responsible for the implementation of various programmes in the field of Access to Justice, Transitional Justice and International Penal Justice.

He has also taught international penal law at the University of Pau and has contributed to drawing up numerous reports dedicated to the Gacaca Jurisdictions in Rwanda among other things and to the reinforcement of the rule of law in post-conflict zones.

As of 2011 he has supervised several programmes at the headquarters of the ASF in Brussels as an expert in civil and political Rights, while representing this organization before several United Nations agencies in Geneva, including the Human Rights Office.

Since 2014, as an international consultant, he has committed himself to supporting several national and international NGOs established in Tunisia, in order to uphold the ongoing process of transitional justice.  He also represents there the French Institute for Restorative Justice (IFJR).

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