The French Institute for Restorative Justice (IFJR) considers its actions to be at the service of professionals, members of the teaching profession and researches who carry out or don’t carry out missions of restorative justice to the benefit of the victims, the offenders, their relatives and all the people concerned by the direct consequences of the wrongdoing and its repercussions.Accordingly, the missions of the IFJR are part and parcel of the comprehensive objective of professionalization and optimization of the processes and practices towards a perfect adaptation to the needs and expectations of those who face legal action.Our philosophy is focused on the person and respects the human being with due respect to absolute parity and avowed secularism dedicated to the restoration of social harmony.

The Institute aims at promoting the integration of restorative Justice within the criminal justice system, in conformity with article 10-1 of the Code of criminal procedure and at supporting the development of any kind of restorative handling of conflicts. For this purpose, it lays down a large scale cooperation with all the actors of the criminal and social chain.

The commitment of the State alongside the institutions and organizations which promote restorative justice is essential. However we are convinced that the work of justice, above all when it stems from the philosophy of restorative justice, requires a strong commitment from the communities.

That is the reason why we need your support through your personal involvement by our side or by sending us a donation.

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