The IFJR has the ambition to promote restorative justice throughout the territory as well as with all the organizations operating in the penal field.As it essentially has a sense of sharing, all the initiatives of the Institute are implemented in partnership with all the actors concerned.


Our national partners


   The National Institute of aid to victims and mediation (INAVEM), Paris

INAVEM is a general federation of aid to victims founded in 1986, whose objective is to organize, coordinate and promote the network of associations of aid to victims, as well as initiate partnerships and agreements to help victims have access to local associations. INAVEM together with the Poissy Prison, The prison Service of reintegration and probation of Yvelines and the academics who were to create the IFJR, organized the first session of the Inmate-Victim Meetings in 2010.

The IFJR together with INAVEM organizes training sessions for all the measures of restorative justice.


Our local pat


Logo de l'APCARS   

The Association of Applied Criminal Policy and Social Reintegration, Paris (Association de Politique Criminelle Appliquée et de Réinsertion Sociale – APCARS), Paris

APCARS is a humanitarian association, a justice partner which places the victim, the defendant and the ex-convict at the heart of its action.Accordingly it works to promote an enlightened, humane and restorative justice. APCARS is one of the few associations capable of providing justice with a comprehensive, integrated offer, both social and judicial, a pre- and post-sentence operational platform dedicated to the perpetrators, the victims and/or their families. Its 30-year experience gives it a well established legitimacy. Its adaptability and innovative drive make it a powerful source of relevant proposals.

The IFJR supports APCARS within the framework of its Regional Service for Restorative Justice for Ile-de-France, the first in France.Following an initial evaluation of the opportunities to integrate restorative justice within APCARS in 2013/2014, the IFJR helped APCARS to design its project of restorative justice programmes, thus foreshadowing the possibility to introduce restorative justice in France, as results from the Act of August 15th, 2014 (art.10-1 CPP). A first experiment of the Convict-Victim Meetings (rencontre condamné-victime, RCV) was conducted at the beginning of 2015.  The IFJR continues to support APCARS through the evaluation of this first experiment and assistance with the conception of the upcoming programmes of restorative justice of the “SRJR of Ile-de-France”.


Logo de l'APAVIM    The Pyrenean Association of Aid to Victims and Mediation (Association Pyrénéenne d’Aide aux Victimes et de MédiationAPAVIM), Pau

APAVIM is an association of aid to victims and mediation.It fulfils missions of aid to the victims of criminal offences by offering them a complete support for all the problems they face, provided by a multidisciplinary team within the association or by their different partners (public or private services).APAVIM also fulfils missions accruing from a warrant (victim social enquiry reports, ad hoc administrator and penal mediation).

The IFJR supports APAVIM’s project for the creation of a Regional Service of Restorative Justice (Service Régional de Justice Restaurative , SRJR) called “Pyrénées”.  The organization of sessions of Convict-Victim Meetings (Rencontres condamnés-victimes, RCV) and of restorative mediations (prior to and after the criminal trial, are already in the pipeline for 2015. The IFJR will be in charge of the evaluation of those measures.

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