PhD student (UJP/CRAJ – UPPA)

Jessica FILIPPI has been preparing a thesis at the University of Pau (UPPA) since 2012 directed by Professor Robert Cario.She is making a comparative study between France and Belgium in the area of criminal law and juvenile, restorative justice.Her research work does not merely highlight the similarities and differences between the two countries.The study encompasses two other areas:on the one hand understanding the reason which led France” to miss the boat” of restorative justice and identify the fulcrums which will permit its development; and on the other hand planning an experiment within an educational service while allowing for the different issues affecting the selfsame service.

In The course of her research work, she has organized several Franco-Belgian meetings with professionals working with juvenile delinquents.Several French professionals have shown an interest in conducting an experiment of restorative justice within their educational services of penal reparation (SAHPJ) (under way). She is committed to promoting restorative justice with youth justice professionals and hopes that the reform commission of the 1945 ordinance will incorporate it into its future recommendations.

She is the treasurer of the IFJR association created in Pau in 2013 and in the wake of her speech in Brussels in December 2014, she has become an observer at the European Council for juvenile justice.

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