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It has now become possible for both victims and offenders to have access to a restorative justice measure as part of the criminal proceedings, at any stage of those criminal proceedings.
Simulation de Rencontres Détenus-Victimes (APAVIM 2015)
Victims-Offenders Encounters (VOE) provide a group of inmates and a group of victims who do not know one another with an opportunity for dialogue. They are facilitated by two mediators in the...
Simulation de médiation restaurative (APAVIM 2015)
Restorative mediation consists in a meeting between a victim and an offender, facilitated by a specifically trained mediator. It provides a secluded space for dialogue and the opportunity to...



Une campagne de financement pour un documentaire sur la justice restaurative au États Unis

Une campagne de financement d'un documentaire sur la justice restaurative aux États-Unis, pour une diffusion en France.

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L’IFJR œuvre quotidiennement au développement de la justice restaurative en France, en soutenant et en accompagnant toutes les personnes intéressées. Découvrez toutes les actions de l'Institut à travers cette vidéo présentée par le Pr. Robert Cario (Président de l'Institut).

What is restorative justice?

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Restorative justice deals with conflicts which are likely to create serious repercussions (whether they are personal, family or more generally social) on the people who are the victims or the perpetrators, their environment and the community to which they belong. It aims at giving the opportunity to all the stakeholders to participate actively in the pursuit and implementation of solutions which are likely to enable them to get on with their lives (restoration).

Restorative justice measures suppose:

  • The voluntary participation
  •  of all those who feel concerned
  • by the conflict  of a criminal nature
  • in order to negotiate
  • together
  • through an active participation
  • in the presence and under the supervision of a “justice third party”
  • as well as the assistance of a “psychological and/or social third party”
  • the most fitting solutions for all,
  • with the aim of promoting, through the actors ‘empowerment,
  • the restoration of all and more generally, the return to social harmony.
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